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Simpsonville Gym
Fitness Studio 24 provides the "Life Fitness Pro2" Series.  Our strength equipment can stand up to the countless demands of people seriously dedicated to getting the most out of life. Everyone will appreciate what this tough equipment and its smart biomechanics and reliable features can do.

Click on any image below to view instructional video and larger image.

Upper Body

Biceps Curl
Lat Pulldown
Lateral Raise
Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Triceps Extension
Chest Press
Lower Body

Hip Abduction
Hip Adduction
Horizontal Calf
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Seated Leg Press
Seated Leg Curl

Back Extension
Abdominal Crunch

 Seated Curl Rack

Gripper Forearm Machine

Smith Machine

Heavy Duty Racks

Olympic Bench

Plate loaded leg press

0 to 45 degree adjustable Roman sit-up benches

2000 lb in Troy Plates

Straight Barbells

Curl Barbells

Dumbbells Set

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