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The difference between goals and dreams... Goals have a plan.
Let us help develop an accountable plan to achieve your goals.

Ultimate Weight Loss Program

The perfect combination of fitness and great tasting diet are the ingredients of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program.  Clients will be taught how to condition their bodies and will be given daily menus and recipes with cooking tips to make their diet great tasting and satisfying.

Committed use of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program will enable the clients to lose weight, gain lean muscle and improve their overall health and well being.  After completing the program clients will have the knowledge of how to easily maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the weight rebound common to most diet plans.

Warner Bouzek
, owner of Fitness Studio 24, is a nine time USA Wrestling All American and was Rookie of the Year at the 2007 Natural Olympia World Drug Free Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship.  With a world class athletic background as well as over 30 years in the restaurant business from gourmet French cooking to 15 years as a multi state Steak-Out franchisee, Warner has perfected the technique of making a diet great tasting, satisfying and sustainable.

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